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"Somewhere between Jamiroquai, Brand New Heavies and Incognito:  a dangerous cocktail of creative sophisticated funk."

- Montreal International Jazz Festival

In a relatively short time, Belizbeha, a seven-piece collective hailing from Burlington, VT, has achieved tremendous success in Belizbeha Ovalboth touring and recording projects.  1998 will mark the third consecutive year that the band has performed well over 150 live concerts nationally and internationally.  According to producer Tony Shimkin (Madonna, New Order), "Belizbeha is in my opinion the next big thing in the music industry....and live they are absolutely amazing."

With post production completed on the band’s highly anticipated follow-up album “Void Where Inhibited” produced by Rob Stevens (a.k.a  YBB), noted producer and/or mixed albums by John Lennon, Yoko Ono, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Screaming Blue Messiahs, Bill Laswell, and The Last Poets, Belizbeha continues to show their ability to grow musically with this project.   Released and charting on SoundScan since July, “Void Where Inhibited” was supported by a 25 city summer tour.  Belizbeha’s last full length CD “Charlie’s Dream” has sold approximately 25,000 copies, solely through independent means.  In September of 1997 Belizbeha released a vinyl remix,“ Inhibitions” produced by the legendary House DJ Choco (G-Dubbs).  Over 10,000 units of vinyl have been sold and it has been licensed to such prestigious compilations as Mixmag’s United DJ’s of America with Mark Farina, Juan Atkins a TVT records compilation, and Nervous Records Presents After-hours.

The BandIn other developments, the music of Belizbeha appeared on Breathe and The Promised Land, two Scott Gaffney/Northface produced ski videos that were released internationally in Winter  of '97.  The band is also the focus of a PBS documentary entitled Extreme Close-UP.  The documentary involved a year’s worth of filming every aspect of the band’s struggles and triumphs as an independent act trying to succeed in the music business. The Belizbeha segment will aired nationwide in 1999. While appearing in Toronto the band also made its 2nd appearance on Breakfast Television, Canada’s version of Good Morning America.

As a headlining act, the band has landed gigs in some of the country's largest colleges and finest venues on the US club scene (including performances in festival such as Reggae on the River and the Montreal Jazz Fest to crowds in excess of 10,000).  As a support act, the band has warmed up the stage for acts such as:   Maceo Parker, A Tribe Called Quest, Kool & the Gang, MMW, The Wailers, Greyboy Allstars, and Morris Day & the Time to name a few.

Belizbeha has placed their physical and musical footprints all over the country - thoroughly.  Their extensive touring schedule has kept the band sharp and kept their fan base active and alert.  The band also mails a 9000+ person mailing list with monthly tour schedules and updates.  Please browse the website to learn more and experience some of the music

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