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THE WEIRD AND THE COOL........................................

Bellyqueen:   the belly dance supreme
Madhits: digital music online

Cleanlamps: go and see the (cleannest) light!
Phonage:  what does your phone number spell?
Full Circle:  360 degrees of visitation rights.
The best of the cold:  at least in VT!
The Juicy Orange!  vitamic C and all that (shameless promotion)
Drum and Bass:   welcome to the jungle.
Distorted:   wacky versions of familiar faces.
Blade:   one of the sharpest of them all.
Speeders:  high octane fuel for a great gig.
Stone Stuff:  some stone sculpture from our man Justin in VT.
Autumn:   some of the freshest fruits at the pumpkin patch in OR.
The Road:  we spend lots of time there.
Grocery shopping:  is this necessary in cyberia?
Learn Spanish:  it'll make you a better person, then go to Oaxaca.
Want an Answer:   get the right one here.
Cheese:  all the information you need.
It:  that thing on Ally McBeal.
Location to be announced:  a cool collection of rave flyers.
Toward Freedom:  a cool B-town progressive rights magazine.
Sushi and Jazz:  maybe the best in the Bay Area.
Capacitor Design Network:  great design buddies.  Say hello.
Fresh:  so funky and so fresh and so tasty.
Goo:  our designer of some Belizbeha graphics.
Triumph:  only the best.  long live the Bonneville.
Kicks:  who needs a car?  Cruise in style.
Genius:  can you identify this wonderful picture?
Ailey:  the dance amazing.
San Francisco: live pictures of the great city.
Noise:  some noise is fit to dance to.  So great!
Rent:  not at a belizbeha show tonight?
8 Neurotic New Yorkers:  sitting on the couch with the best of 'em.
What we deal with:  in the Green Mt. state.
Utne: To those who enjoy alternative media.
GMS Drum CO:  the best drums, although I may be biased.
Vic Firth Drumsticks:  the best sticks, ditto.
Big number:  can we really hold all this?
Grape:  the secret inner power of a wonderful fruit.
Cows:  now this is weird.  Help me figure this thing out!

MUSIC RELATED STUFF...........................................

Joyryde Promotions:  A Burlington Promo thing
Droppin' Science: the cool UCSD radio/Internet show
WRUV 90.1 FM:  Our very great local college station.

Denver:  the CO music scene
Localmusicdirectory.com:  A local music scene directory.
Nordic:  Mpegs and online radio garb is just the beginning.
Big Heavy World An Extensive Burlington Music Site.
Indymusic: listen to bands in Shockwave audio.
Yahoo Music List :  huge archive of bands
NOIL:  the national org. for independent label bands.
Freemusic:  listen to a bunch bands' music for free
Freetunes:  a nice site of unsigned bands with music
Ubiquity:  great stuff from sf...some of the best
The Musicians Net
Time Out
City Cyber Corner (Boston)
Musicnet New England
The Jazz Resource Net
Carlos' Acid Jazz Page

SUPPORT BURLINGTON BANDS...............................

My Situation: A situation indeed.
: serious music from sirius musicians.
Seth Yacovone Blues Band
: the real blues.
5 seconds expired:  Burlington on the hard tip.
Strangefolk:  Our hardworking friends.
Chin Ho!:  B-town's ever-present heroes.
Phish:  I guess we can't ignore.
Zola Turn:  Indie rock greats, one of our home town's best.
Lindy Pear:  Alternative rock, Vermont style.

BANDS WE DIG...............................................................

Tribe Called Quest:  ....chicken, chicken, I'm a finger lickin' winner
Groove Collective:  NYC on the funky, jazzy tip.
Giantstep: a big one for for humankind.

Massive Attack:  Be Thankful for these people.
Jamiroquai:  now all big and famous from the UK.
Prince: is that right?  Or is it The Artist, or O|+>?  get over it!
Stevie Wonder:  never to be forgotten.  More Wonderful stuff.
Me'shell is better than great and then some


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