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Shawn on bass Shawn Williams, bass
The funky grooves start here when this fly fisherman is off the river.  With influences from Depeche Mode to Rush to Iron Maiden, Shawn brings the rock element to the band.  send mail
Mark on drums Mark Robohm, drums
Influenced by drum greats like Stevie Wonder and Brian Blade, the band's beat comes from this energetic drummer.  Mark is endorsed by GMS Drums and Vic Firth sticks.  send mail
Bob on guitar Robert Dunham, guitar
Originally from Portland, OR, he draws many influences from jazz, blues, world, R&B, new age, and rock.  Bob plays a Stephen Holst archtop guitar.  send mail
Jeremy on keys Jeremy Skaller, keyboards
Comin' at you direct from many different places, Jeremy works in his own digital studio and is influenced by The Artist, Jimmy Jam, Seal, and Carole Kingsend mail

dot.GIF (1103 bytes) THE VOCALISTS

Shauna on the mic Shauna Antoniuc, vocals
This singer grew up in a musical family listening to Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, Fleetwood Mac, and John DenverHer inspirations are Bonnie Raitt, Aretha Franklin and Sadesend mail
Kadi on the mic Kadiatou Sibi, vocals
Gambian born and NYC raised, this singer brings a piece of West Africa with her to Belizbeha's eclectic mix.  World Music is her inspiration. send mail
Kyle on the mic Fattie Bumballattie, lyrical poet
Kyle, aka Fattie, is influenced by a plethora of musical tastes including Tribe, De La Soul, Rakim, Roy Ayers, Kool & the Gang, Pink Floyd and Jamiroquai.  Old school yet new age. send mail

dot.GIF (1103 bytes) THE OTHER PLAYERS

Reko on the mic Konflik (Reko Tyler), MC
Reko hails from Boston, MA and was a member of the hip-hop act, The Bassment.   His baritone voice and excellent ability has made him the 'fifth member' of the band.

Dave "The Truth" Grippo

Dave Grippo, saxophone
This amazing sax man has played with too many artists to list. His most recent resume includes appearances on Dave Letterman with Phish as well as gigs with Michael Ray and Sun Ra.
"Stone Cold" Rob Stevens Rob Stevens, aka:  Your Big Brother
Rob is our producer.  He is a resident producer at Quad Studios in NYC and has worked with many different artists from John Lennon (he produced the recently released box set) to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
DJ Choco, G-Dubbs
Choco lives in San Francisco. He just completed producing the Spearhead album and is working on his own EP to be released on Strictly Rhythm.  He is responsible for many a night of inspiration for the band.


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