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Please take a moment to listen to some of our music.  We have a bunch of tracks from our debut Free Real Audio Playeralbum, Charlie's Dream, as well  as from our new album, Void Where Inhibited.  There are also some special live tracks and demo recordings of the songs.  Enjoy!  You will need the Real Audio player to listen to the tracks.  Just click on the logo above to download the FREE plug-in.  Very easy.  Don't be afraid.

Note:  we are having some troubles with our Real Audio, but for now you can click on the songs below and hear them at various other places on the web.

Listen to the whole album while online

dot.GIF (1111 bytes) VOID WHERE INHIBITED 1998

Produced by Rob Stevens

1. Too Complex
2. Fusion
3. Invisible
4. Children on the Jazz
5. Big Ballad
6. Yo My Man
7. Whenever She's Around
8. Not for Nothing
9. Come Back Home
10. Off the Mark
11. Penny 4 Your Thoughts
12. Rock Da Mic
13. So Strange
14. REM
15. Inhibitions


dot.GIF (1111 bytes) CHARLIE'S DREAM 1995

Produced by Joey Sommerville

1. Only If
2. K's Groove
3. B 2da E
4. Any Other Day
5. Turn Around
6. Catch The Flow
7. Yes U Can
8. Kadi's Brother
9. Bow Diggy (Bow)
10. Starving
11. Boofoobudoobie
12. Ploppy
13. Stronger
14. Fattie


dot.GIF (1111 bytes) OTHER EXTRA TRACKS

Penny for your thoughts : from a demo session in ny
Not for Nothing : from the same demo session.
So Strange : from a session at archer studios in vt
Inhibitions : a snip from a recording session in 1997
Inhibitions (remix): a clip from the house remix by G-dubbs
Live at Club Toast : club Toast, 4/11/97

Note: when you load the live show, please fast forward your real player to 01:41:30.  This is the start time of the show on the download. Be patient and then you will hear the entire 2 hour show.


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